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Pad Binding


Providing superior quality services for all your short-run binding and finishing needs is our pet project! We only provide these services for our printed materials thus ensuring that our clients will have the full attention of our finishing department. As such, all binding and finishing processes are done in-house at our beach location in Encinitas, CA.




Coil Binding is simple to apply and very easy to amend should it be required. Coil binding is suited to all environments and applications. Coil will open flat and turn a full 360 degrees. Its production is both quicker and simpler than Wire, Comb or Velo binding. Coil is less expensive than wire. We can bind documents from 3 to 270 pages. Coiled documents can be amended without damaging the document. 


Velo Binding is a process where pages are bound together with 2 plastic strip, this is also called strip binding. This type of binding most commonly used in legal industries to bind vast number of pages. This type of binding binding doesn’t allow to rebind the document using the same strips.



Pad Binding is mostly used for creating pads, the main purpose of the binding is to held the pages together with adhesive or glue which can be easily be removed. This is very cheap binding method, doesn’t require to have any cover. Although  we add a cheap-board as a back cover on most our pads. The minimum quantity for pad binding is 5 pads, with 50 sheet on each pad. There is no size requirement for pad binding, virtually we can bind pads to any printed sheet size. Most common use of pads are Letterhead, Notepads etc.


This binding style resembles a paperback book and comes in a wide variety of sizes. Perfect binding can be used for documents up to 300 pages (600 double sided) and like a paperback, accommodates color printing on both the covers and spine. Add lamination to the covers for a high shine and professional look. It’s a sure fire way for any document to stand out from the competition.

Perfect Binding