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This is a most popular and very economic binding process. If you are budget concern you should consider this binding process. Its looks very neat and elegant. It uses 2 staple wires in the middle of the spread to bind as a book. Number of pages must be divisible by 4. There is very little setup cost and no minimum run for this type of binding.



2nd Street Printing offers several different options for your stapling needs. From saddle stitching to top and edge stapling, come in and talk to one of our customer support team and let up know what we can do for you.


2nd Street Printing also has several options for folding: 

Engineer Folding: typically used for ledger size sheets (11" x 17") that are bound in proposals or technical documents. The sheet is folded just off-center then the larger panel is folded in half on itself - the narrowest panel can be pulled out to expand the sheet to its full width, while the left edge is free to be bound in a book or binder.

Letter Fold: using two folds, the sheet is folded into three nearly equal sections, with one panel serving as a cover. This format is quite often used for self-mailing brochures or pamphlets as it creates 6 panels for printed content. Common applications: letters, statements, invoices, bulletins, any letter size sheet (8.5" x 11") requiring insertion into a standard #10 or #9 envelope.

Half Fold: the sheet is folded into two equal sections with a single fold, can be utilized to create 4 separate panels/pages to be printed upon. Common applications: bulletins, menus, programs, greeting cards, wine lists, technical instructions, booklet pages.

Z Fold: similar to the letter fold with sections the same size, two folds create two outer panels folded in over the third center panel. Common applications: brochures, letters, statements, proposals, purchase orders, anything requiring insertion into a standard #10 or #9 envelope.

Gate Fold: the sheet is folded into two equal wing panels that close like a gate over the larger center panel using two parallel folds. Common applications: presentations, brochures, invitations, menus, wine lists, programs.

Double Parallel Fold: the sheet is folded in half and then half again using 2 parallel folds, creating 4 panels on each side of the sheet. Folds a legal size sheet (8.5" x 14") to fit into a standard #10/#9 envelope. Common applications: self-mailers, newsletters, 8-panel brochures, letters, statements, proposals, purchase orders.