Variable Data Printing Sevices


Variable data printing or VDP is also referred to as personalized printing. With the advent of high quality digital printing came the ability to personalize every printed piece without the need for costly plate changes or a second process of overprinting an existing generic piece.

Using a generic template of artwork can link text boxes and picture boxes to a database or excel spreadsheet and pull data into the printed piece simultaneously as the piece is printed. Every copy can be completely tailored to the recipient. Each variable data piece can be as simple or as complex as you wish.

One example might be a mailer list to a certain amount of customers who last year went on various vacations booked through your company. You would like to send a special offer to them based on where they previously vacationed. Instead of sending different offers to all customers you can have a design template and change text and images within that templates as they are relevant to a particular recipient’s interests. Those that like to vacation in the Islands would get a mailer tailored to the offers you have in the Islands. Those that like to visit beautiful Encinitas during the holidays can get a mailer with photos of Swami's Beach, The Encinitas Sign, The Meditation Gardens, etc.